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Se vende Mazda Mx5 Stroker Turbo

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Ferrari Dino Competizione | Jim Glickenhaus | Pebble Beach 2014

Wild wings, bright yellow paint and gullwing doors. The Dino Competizione is a prototype that was developed by Pininfarina as a show car in 1967. They used a Ferrari 206 surplus race car as the foundation of this beautiful prototype.

The car sat in the Pininfarina museum for about 40 years before Jim was able to acquire and use it for it’s intended purpose. After it was restored and road worthy Jim and his wife drove the Targa Florio in the Dino Competizione and continue to drive it to this day.

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Never Easy – Racing Porsches at Watkins Glen

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Magnus Walker, Tony Hatter and the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition

Magnus Walker con Tony Hatter nos presenta una versión muy especial del Porsche 991 turbo S, una versión exclusiva para Inglaterra basada en el estilo del primer porsche 911 turbo

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Few know more about building a unique Porsche 911 than renowned Porsche guy Magnus Walker, and nobody understands the evolution of the 911 Turbo better than long-time Porsche Designer Tony Hatter. Watch as they visit Boris Apenbrink, head of Porsche Exclusive’s Special Vehicles department, to appraise the new Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition.

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AccuAir | Zero Compromise | a film by eGarage

Zero Compromise a film by eGarage.com
Nestled quietly in the hills of Central Coast California, AccuAir Suspension has emerged as a leader in air suspension technology. This didn’t happen overnight and the successes have come with risk, loss, and lots of reward.
Here is the AccuAir story, in motion.

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The Mercedes-AMG GT: Witness now the world’s next great sports car

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The next chapter in Mercedes-AMG’s history is here. We invite you to take a look at the ultimate expression of Driving Dynamics and a legendary design.

Learn more: www.mercedes-amg.com/AMGGT
Join the conversation: www.facebook.com/mercedesamg

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BMW M Initiation

Video de BMW America donde se ven coches de clientes suyos de todas las épocas, donde se presenta el primer M4 y sus capacidades.

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Ever since BMW decided that it would call the next iteration of the M3 Coupe an M4, there’s been some mixed reaction from long time M3 fans. That’s why BMW USA decided to put together this short film with an M4 demonstrating its skidding capabilities around a group of previous generation M3s and other high performance M cars.

New name, same old attitude it seems.

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2013 Nickelsvision Showreel

2013 was an amazing year for us shooting events such as Targa Trophy, Formula Drift, Shift Sector, SoCal Euro, Motor Union, Wekfest, Sema, Trinity Dang, Claudia Alan, CP Pistons, and The Long Beach Grand Prix
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Porsche Unexpected | Michael Furman & Randy Leffingwell | Roads & Rides

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Michael Furman and Randy Leffingwell talk about how the book “Porsche Unexpected” came to be. How Michael got involved and their favorite car in the book.

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Nissan R35 by Vossen wheels and Rocket Bunny widebody

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Si te sobra algo de dinero y tiempo, quizá te interese esta oferta de ocio que te da AMG donde puedes conducir modelos emblemáticos de la marca, dar una vuelta por la fabrica de motores y poder conocer gente

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Mercedes-AMG – For those who are looking for an all-around carefree package, the AMG Driving Academy has established something special. The AMG EMOTION-Tour offers a variety of trips on the highest stage that take you to incredibly scenic locations and let you fully appreciate the potential of AMG vehicles. From Affalterbach to Cannes, from French Alsace to the Piedmont region in Italy — discover the world of Mercedes-AMG with a high level of High Performance and treat yourself to our unique supporting programs. Spectacular joyrides through idyllic landscapes combined with glamorous soirées that will even leave the biggest food connoisseur speechless – the AMG EMOTION-Tour is a true feast for all senses!

Learn more: www.mercedes-amg.com/driving-academy Join the conversation: www.facebook.com/amgdrivingacademy

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Vr tuned by vividracing

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